Private Equity Placement
private equity placement

To apply our experience and capital resources to identify investment and financing opportunities in unique real estate holdings, developments or business operations.

The GreatLand Group currently places private capital primarily in real estate based investments to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors, lenders and partners.

The GreatLand Group identifies investment opportunities through careful research and analysis and will utilize its solid platform of transactional, financial and operating expertise to structure the investments.

acquisition criteria

Florida, Colorado or the Southeast United States.

Pricing Considerations

Pricing and financing must be commensurate with the as-is value of the property.

Ownership Structure

Fee Simple (100%) ownership of or first mortgage lien position on the property preferred. Joint-Venture or partnerships considered providing GreatLand Group has majority and controlling interest.

Broker Participation

Broker submissions protected with proper registration.

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