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The GreatLand Group

is a privately held real estate investment and development company headquartered in Central Florida. For over thirty years the principals have been actively involved in the acquisition, financing, planning, development and sale of diverse properties across the United States.


in project feasibility, site selection, due diligence, analysis of profit potential and business plan formulation are strengths The GreatLand Group brings to all transactions.


to tax ramifications is an integral component of The GreatLand Group's strategic transaction structuring and documentation process.


of existing and required property entitlements (site planning, engineering, zoning, permitting) as well as title burdens (mineral and water rights and environmental mitigation) are hallmarks of the The GreatLand Group.


in defining the unique characteristics of a property, its location and its dynamics within the market provide the foundation of The GreatLand Group’s success.


into the personalities and politics of local and regional municipalities allow for the timely pursuit of critical property entitlements. For each project, The GreatLand Group takes into consideration the required utilities, infrastructure, amenities, traffic planning, schools & parks, and environmental impact.